Oily skin, dehydrated skin can be solved!

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Any girls who are facing oily skin, dehydrated skin, oily skin, dry skin. As a result, many times the skin becomes greasy and dry and does not know how to fix it. Let’s look at solutions that help balance the skin from the skin of girls. I’m in dehydrated skin. Ensure that each method can be followed very easily. What should be done? Let’s go and see together.

1. Use a gentle formula cleanser

Many young women focus on cleaning the skin in several steps. Always remember to wipe your face clean with cleanser again. This is to wash off any remaining dirt after washing your face. To prevent clogging and inflammation itself. So who has problems with oily, dehydrated skin? Should choose a cleanser that is gentle on the skin. Because it will help add moisture to the skin. And does not destroy the natural oils that are coated on the skin, resulting in dry skin.

2. Slap the essence after washing your face

Dehydrated skin problems It will make the skin feel very dry and rough. So after washing your face, clean your skin. Should nourish the skin with water or essence first. Should not skip to apply skin cream immediately. Because the essence will help balance the skin. as well as adding moisture to the skin It is also like preparing the skin for the next step as well.

3. Facial mask to add moisture to the skin

Face masks are not only soothing to your face. but also suitable for skin rejuvenation for young women who have problems with oily, dehydrated skin as well Because the sheet mask will help the skin absorb nutrients from the essence contained in the mask fully. However, the mask should not be left on overnight. This will allow the mask to absorb moisture from the skin until it is completely gone.

4. Deeply nourish the skin with a moisturizer

Moisturizers can help reduce the problem of dehydrated skin and dryness. While not nourishing with a moisturizer causes the skin to produce more excess oil. Thus, the cycle of dehydrated oily skin never ends.

5. Use the gel to spot acne only on the affected area

In the case of girls with dehydrated skin problems Are in the process of using acne medication, should use a gel or acne medication only on the acne-prone area. should not be applied all over the face Because it can cause dry skin to peel in a large area.

6. Protect your skin with an oil-free sunscreen formula

Sunscreen is a must for girls. Because it must be used to protect the skin from the sun every day. So if there is a problem with oily skin, dehydration Should choose to use oil-free sunscreen formula. This will ensure that it does not cause clogging.

7. Eat more fatty foods

In addition to focusing on skin care products. The problem of dehydrated oily skin can also be treated by eating foods rich in fatty acids. Especially foods that contain good fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6, which these fatty acids help to build oil to nourish the skin naturally. And reduce the problem of dry skin as well as ever.

How are you doing with the 7 solutions for oily and dehydrated skin that we mentioned above? Believe that each method will help solve such problems well. Also make sure that the girls Can also be easily applied to each other as well.