How to properly care for burns and scalds yourself at home

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Burns, scalds, if we have a minor wound, not very serious, we must know how to take care of it. and first aid correctly You should not leave a wound carelessly, thinking that if you leave it alone it will heal. In fact, the wound may easily be at risk of infection.

Before knowing how to perform basic first aid We have to differentiate between levels of severity. Symptoms of burn wounds must be determined first. This will allow us to provide first aid at the point. and in a more correct way. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Level of severity of burns and scalds

First degree – is a burn to the outer layer of the skin.

Second degree – is a burn to the dermis.

Third degree – This is a deep burn that reaches the entire subcutaneous tissue layer. May include muscles and bones.

How to treat burns and scalds yourself

How to treat wounds yourself Suitable for burns Scalds of degrees 1 and 2 only, with treatment methods as follows. 

  • Cool the wound By running tap water that doesn’t feel hot flowing through the wound for at least 10-20 minutes if there is a blister. Be careful not to break it. In the case of sunburn, skip this step.
  • clean the wound Clean the wound with a mild bactericidal soap. Do not rub vigorously. 
  • Use external medicine You should apply an ointment that can be used for burns. Hot water can scald. To prevent the wound from becoming infected Heals faster and reduce the chance of scarring, such as the medicine Bactex, an ointment type
  • Take painkillers , even for small wounds. It can cause us to feel pain, so we must use medicine to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight. This will help reduce pain. If unavoidable, wear loose clothing. Helps conceal wounds from sunlight.

Beliefs that do not help the wound get better

  • Toothpaste : The first thing that is often seen and many people have used is toothpaste. It is believed that it will make the wound cooler and better. Because menthol makes the skin feel slightly cooler. It’s like it can relieve pain. But the wound didn’t get any colder. Some cases cause irritation. and risk infection
  • Ice and cold water : coolness of ice It may make the pain go away, but if the ice is not clean May cause infection. And if the ice is too cold It may make the wound deeper.
  • Fish sauce : Some people believe that fish sauce is salty and that salt helps kill germs. But the truth doesn’t make the wound heal. Instead, it causes irritation to the wound. And the wound becomes infected more easily.