Hair removal methods that get good results.

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There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, including waxing, plucking, shaving, and even laser. But if we consider the advantages and disadvantages or hair removal techniques of each method. to provide information for decision making It may make it easier to choose the right and appropriate hair removal method.

How to shave

It is a method of hair removal by using a razor or electric shaver to shave along the hairline. It’s an easy method that doesn’t hurt much, but hair removal using this method is temporary. And it will make the hair grow back quickly. The new hair that grows out will be harder and thicker than before. There may be a chance of ingrown hairs occurring. Including if you are not careful during the process. Often caused by cuts. There is a chance of irritation easily. and there can be inflammation around the hair follicles.

How to pluck hair

It is a method of hair removal that you do yourself. Using tweezers, pull out the entire hair. which temporarily destroys the hair roots The hair will still grow back as before, but it will grow gradually. This method can be done in areas where there is not a lot of hair.  This method of hair removal can feel a little painful. and there is swelling and redness in the area where the hair was plucked Including the possibility of causing the hair follicles to become inflamed, irritated and cause wounds. Even though it is a popular way to do it because it is easy, convenient, and not expensive. But it’s a method that shouldn’t be done often. Report by ufabet

How to wax

It is another method of hair removal that pulls out the entire hair. There are both cold wax and hot wax, which will temporarily destroy the hair roots. The hair will still come back up as before, but it will come back up gradually.  This method can be used to remove hair in all areas, including the armpits, mustache, arm hair, leg hair, chest hair, and hair in the intimate area. But if the person performing the waxing is not skilled and does not do it properly, it will feel very painful. and may cause the hair follicles to become inflamed Wounds and skin irritation can occur.

How to use cream

It is a method of hair removal by using hair removal cream applied to the area of ​​skin that needs to be removed and wiped off after the specified time has elapsed. It can be done easily, quickly and without any pain. This method can remove hair thoroughly and smoothly. But this method does not remove hair all the way to the root beneath the skin. Hair will continue to grow again. For people with sensitive or sensitive skin, before the procedure there should always be an allergy test first. Because the cream is made from various chemicals. May cause irritation or allergic reaction to the skin.

Method of laser

Doing laser hair removal It is a permanent method of hair removal. and removes completely By using different wavelengths of laser light. There are many types to choose from, which is a hair removal method that can remove hair from the root beneath the skin. It doesn’t take long to do. But you have to do it continuously. By doing this each time, the hair will become thinner and thinner. Until the hair doesn’t grow back again. and can be permanently eliminated in the end.