Cleaning glasses and keep them clean like new.

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Every day, people with vision problems must wear glasses in order to see clearly. Glasses are exposed to various pollutants every day, such as dust, rain, sweat, etc. Until causing dirt on the glasses. This makes us unable to see clearly through the lenses of our glasses, especially the glasses lenses that are the part that we have to look through in order to make our vision clearer. Including other types of glasses as well. Cleaning glasses is therefore very important. Because it can make our glasses able to see clearly again.

Wash with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Your glasses should be washed with warm water. Water that is too hot will damage the lenses. Lens coating including eyeglass frames Damage occurred Water that is too cold will not cleanse as it should.

How to wash your glasses when outside the house

Another option that is very convenient. For use while traveling are ready-made eyeglass cleaning paper or ready-made eyeglass cleaning cloths. which can remove grease and dirt on eyeglass lenses perfectly Currently available in both wet and dry versions. Simply wipe the lenses of your glasses for dust and dir, then use the cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe again. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

How to deeply clean your glasses by disinfecting them.

Disinfection is a way to clean your glasses more deeply. You can disinfect your glasses after washing and drying them. Just use a cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth soaked in diluted rubbing alcohol to wipe again. But you have to be careful. Alcohol can damage the coating on the lenses and may corrode the metal or ink on the frames.  

Wash your glasses with a glasses cleaner. 

Innovation and technology these days have developed very far. Because the eyeglass cleaning machine can thoroughly clean eyeglasses, stains and germs come off in the blink of an eye using special wave energy. Makes it clean deeply. Plus, this eyeglass cleaner can also clean other items, whether it’s necklaces, rings, or other jewelry. It can be thoroughly cleaned in just 5 minutes. 

How to fix scratched glasses

Cat hair marks are small scratches. seen on eyeglass lenses Mostly caused by frequent cleaning of the lenses. Or wipe with a cloth that is not friendly to the lens. and often occurs with glass lenses that do not have coatings But there is an easy way to fix scratched glasses.