Nunez just favorites 6 Premier League goalscorers

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Liverpool’s history’s most expensive striker, Davin Nunez, is seen as the sixth favorite in the 2022-23 season. For the English Premier League’s top scorer award from William Hill’s standard pool shop, 16/1 rate (1 pay 1 bet). 16 excluding capital) is more than four times more than the other new face Erling Haaland of Manchester City.

Nunez , despite his outstanding performance with Benfica last season, 26 goals , 4 assists from 28 ufabet games in Portuguese Liga, but because of his transition to a league that is many times higher. The famous gambling shop still doesn’t believe that it will create a phenomenon from the first year.  

Wrong with Haaland, who is the new face of the elite league as well. But when joining the roof ‘ Blue Sailings ‘ , the old champion, which is rich in the ultimate offensive power. Ready to awake a 21 – year-old spear to shake the throne. The golden shoe, the big casino has to be raise as a favorite 1 at 4/1 ( thrust 1 pays 4 , excluding capital )

Various other forwards from across the English top-flight will believe that they are capable of delivering on a consistent basis in the final third of the field, bringing them into contention for a prestigious prize, but who are the favourites to claim a top scorer gong? GOAL takes a look…